Welcome to PyTAPS’s documentation!

PyTAPS is an implementation of a transport system as described by the TAPS (Transport Services) Working Group in the IETF in draft-ietf-taps-interface-04.

PyTAPS provides an asynchronous programming interface which allows applications to transmit and receive messages over transport protocols and network paths dynamically selected at runtime.

As of right now, PyTAPS supports the following features:

  • Creating Preconnection, Endpoint and Connection Objects
  • Protocol selection based on specified transport properties (UDP, TCP and TLS)
  • Actively initiating connections
  • Passively listening for new connections
  • Configuring Preconnections and Endpoints with YANG
  • Framers, e.g., to preserve message boundaries across TCP
  • Multicast: Joining a multicast group with Source-Specific Multicast (SSM)

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